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Our Process

The path to a successful financial future requires a clear vision, a comprehensive and detailed plan and a coordinated team. We follow a four-phase process to help navigate your path to financial independence.

Phase 1: Audit. We conduct a holistic audit of your current estate, investments, business ownership and other components of your finances. Based on this information, we develop a comprehensive financial model of your current situation, including cash flow, income tax and estate distribution projections.

Phase 2: In-depth analysis. We identify the gaps between your current financial planning and risk status and your stated objectives and risk tolerance. We then offer alternative strategies and identify appropriate solutions for your situation. These customized recommendations form the basis of your financial plan.

Phase 3: Implementation. When executing your financial plan, we work with your legal and tax advisors to gather a cross disciplinary perspective and ensure that each component is coordinated and integrated.

Phase 4: Annual review. Life’s path rarely forms a straight line, so our solutions are crafted to be flexible. We meet with you regularly to discuss, review and revise your plan, to ensure that it remains relevant and appropriate, evolving with your changing needs.