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Our Mission

At Burkholder & Associates, we pride ourselves on the time we take to understand your vision, which helps us to plan your financial future.

Understanding where you’re trying to go will help us chart a path to get you there. We strive to provide thoughtful, customized advice that reflects your goals for your life and legacy.

  • Grow. “How much is enough?” is a question for which each person you ask will have a different answer. We help establish your vision for financial independence and help plan your cashflow and financial plan around that vision. We engage with you, your family and your team of advisors to clarify and pursue those goals.
  • Protect. Determining how much in assets one needs is the foundation for planning that we build upon. We aim to minimize the risk of loss for our clients, whether the loss is in relation to personal or business property, investable assets, earnings and/or net worth.  We educate you on your current risk exposure and explore options designed to reduce or eliminate it.
  • Transfer. Once we’ve succeeded in paths to grow and protect your assets, we then focus on the transfer of your wealth to the family you choose and the causes you believe in. Together we review your existing estate plan and identify your vision for your legacy: your family, your business and your community. We then develop strategies intended to accomplish your legacy objectives.