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Private Wealth Advisor


As your wealth grows, managing it and aligning it with your objectives becomes more complicated. 

At Burkholder & Associates, we focus on understanding your objectives and your values to get a holistic view of your wealth. We then apply established financial theory and common-sense strategies to create a customized financial plan tailored to your specific needs.

This construct spans all of the financial aspects of your life, and we focus on those that are most important to you:

  • Financial Independence and Cash Flow Planning

Cash flow is the foundation of the financial planning process and the key determinant of your financial independence. Each person defines financial independence differently; we work with you to establish your vision—and the steps you can take to realize it.

  • Investment Planning

We help you develop an investment strategy tailored to the objectives that are most important to you: retirement, cash flow, education, charitable giving and others. We incorporate several factors, including asset allocation, risk management, tax efficiency and cost.


  • Legacy and Estate Planning

Our role is to help identify your vision for your legacy, your family, your business and your community. We develop strategies to efficiently drive your family, business and charitable objectives, and we work with your team of legal and tax advisors to make sure those plans are executed.

  • Risk Management

Any financial plan should be resilient and durable. To accomplish that, it must identify and efficiently manage risk while also recognizing that often the biggest risks are the ones we don’t foresee. We help clients plan for disaster, disability, survivorship, generational wealth transfer and long-term care, so that when hazard strikes, your plan can absorb it.

  • Business Owner Planning

We have a particular strength in working with business owners to help them integrate business objectives with personal ones. Our broad range of resources help clients manage their qualified and nonqualified deferred compensation planning, human capital strategies, entity structure, transition and succession planning and integrate those areas with personal planning and objectives.

  • LGBTQ Planning

We also specialize in the financial and legal challenges faced by the LGBTQ community. Often our clients have questions about the financial and legal impact of marriage as well as determining how, as a team, couples can be in a better position to reach their their financial independence objectives. The presence or absence of a legally recognized relationship plays an important role in the sharing of and ultimate transfer of assets to significant others and heirs.

  • Tax Reduction Strategies

Business owners and high-income earners often have opportunities for mitigating their income and estate tax liability. We help identify, analyze and integrate tax reduction strategies as part of your overall and ongoing planning process. It’s not just what you make; it’s what you keep that’s important.