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LGBTQ Planning

Advice for Same-Sex Couples

Burkholder & Associates understands the unique challenges facing LGBTQ couples. Services we provide include:

  • Developing a Path to Operate as a Financial Unit
  • Analyzing the Economics of Marriage
  • Marital/Family Contingency Planning
  • Dual Financial Independence Planning
  • Longevity and Elder Care Planning

Providing peace of mind for your financial future

You have loved ones you want to protect and take care of. You’ve taken some steps to understand the financial and legal impacts of your goals but still have reservations. You want to make sure you have all your ducks in a row. 

Financial planning is critical for couples marrying today. If a split were to occur, it's possible that assets may be split based on the term of your marriage instead of the history of your relationship.

Your confidence grows here

Burkholder & Associates helps couples have the conversations that are critical to protecting one another, both now and into the future. We focus on ensuring each participant in a relationship is on safe footing in a worst case scenario: an unexpected disability, divorce or death. We ensure your intentions are reflected in your planning and legal documents.

Your ultimate success will be measured by the creation and implementation of a comprehensive plan that improves the probability of meeting your family's goals.

Work with Burkholder & Associates for thoughtful, customized advice that reflects the goals for your family, life and legacy.