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About Us

Our company history is rooted in providing creative advice to under-served communities. This path began by serving the complex needs of LGBTQ families over 17 years ago - and we continue to work as advocates for equality today. As our organization evolved, we came across another under-served community: small and mid-sized business owners. 

We understand the challenges faced by hardworking, successful business owners – people who are responsible, respected leaders in their industries and communities. 

  • “71% of small and mid-sized business owners plan to exit their business within the next 10 years”. Yet, “Few organizations genuinely understand what actions they must take to achieve this goal.” (Source: Deloitte)
  • 82% of all business owners surveyed show low mental or financial readiness to exit their business. (Source: Pinnacle Equity Solutions)
  • “The average business owner spends 80 hours preparing a business plan and only 6 hours preparing for their exit.” (Source: ROCG 2007 Survey of Business Owners).

Most of our clients desire to eventually exit their businesses. We identify where they are in relation to this objective and put a plan in place to achieve their ideal transfer. Along the way, we encourage them to extract capital from their businesses on a tax favored basis to diversify their wealth. When the time is right, our clients are prepared and we help them put their succession plan into action.

Our clients are confident in their financial futures because our proven process makes their ideal exit a reality.